Sunday, January 05, 2014


I’ve already mentioned in previous posts that we are our children’s first teacher.

No one said it would be easy to teach an active child to stop and listen to an adult, without quite understanding what it’s all about? Who says it's easy to have them sit at the dinner table in silence and to respects their elders?

No, it’s not easy! But have you heard of this rarely used word " patience"?

Through out our whole lives we are obligated to wait. When we learn to walk, to grow, to study, to work, to get marry, to give birth, etc. the list goes on. But, who likes to wait?

Since patience is part of our every day life we have to constantly examine if we’re using it in the course of your child’s development, in order to teach them correctly.

When you sit at the table to eat, be careful, be the first to give good examples.

Take time to read with your child. This is very important because usually they like and pay attention when mothers tell a story. Listen to a good CD with music that boasts their intelligence. Take some time to build puzzles, which makes them think and pay attention. Stop and give them your attention, so they can also learn to do the same.

I believe that if you practice these things daily they will make a significant difference in your children’s lives. These results will be noticeable when you’re at church, in a restaurant, shopping and even eating with your family.

A good tip is for you to always put your child sitting down while doing something, especially while eating, believe me, this works!

If you teach your child with patience you won’t have any problems at the doctor's office, at the airport, at school, and even at home with your family or friends.

Discipline begins with you. The way you speak to your children is very important because you are their reference. They look to you to see if you’re disciplined and to the way you manage your household.

What is the difference between your child and other people’s children? Nothing. The only difference is when the parents take time and patience to teach their children good habits that over time give fruit and they become good people who represent them every where they go!

Think and be patient in everything, after all, you had to patiently wait nine months to see your baby’s face!

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."

Collaberated by: Claudia Brito Auckland- New Zealandd

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I wanted to share this very interesting video. It's something very serious for all of us, mothers, to think about daily. Our children are our reflection.

Share with us your comments on what you think about this.

Collaborated by: Mariasol Cook - Toronto- Canada