Wednesday, August 22, 2012


How often we think that talking to our children about what we want from them is the solution for what we desire the most?! It’s not!!!

Sometimes the child says “I know mom”, or “you already told me that” and then we wonder why they have not done it or why they haven’t changed.
Imagine, my friend, if God was like that with us? If He had no patience regarding our mistakes and immaturity?

God, in His infinite love and mercy, has all the patience in the world with us.  Have we ourselves had this same patience with our children?

We have to talk with them and teach them the right things; all without exaggeration.  We need to have a loving attitude towards them.  That itself is worth more than a thousand words. 
I invite you to pray with the Mothers in Prayer every Monday at noon.  When we talk to the right One, which is God, our children will grow up to be great men and women of God.  With God we will have all the patience that we need.

Trust mother. 
God will change your situation.

Kind Regards, 
Claudia Da Silva - Mother in Prayer - Georgia
4150 Jonesboro Road Forest Park, GA 30297

My name is Rena Esan and, I can tell you that, if you pray, God will answer.

My son hadn’t spoken to me in about 13 years.  That, was making me very sad, but God answered my prayer!  Now, he calls me and is visiting me here in Georgia soon because he is living out of state.  

God changes your situation! 
"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which
you will always find forgiveness."

Join us in Mothers in Prayer.
4150 Jonesboro Road, Forest Park GA. 30297


  1. Its true God has a lot of patience with us. However sometimes we don't have patience toward our family.

  2. The testimony of Rena is the strongest evidence we have, that God
    has heard our prayers.

  3. God gave me an extraordinary mom, a God woman that always fought for me. He also gave me two very specials "mothers heart" that I can count when I need.
    They taught me a lot of things, but more than words, they show me with her lives that if I hear them, I will be successfull, because they already passed throught it and won doing what they are teaching me, so how can I not follow her advices?
    I love them all with all my heart,
    Marê, Floquinho, Princesa