Wednesday, August 15, 2012


(This is one of my daughter's favorite songs)

A few months ago I noticed that my 5 year old daughter’s behavior had strangely changed.  Being an only child, she has always been very independent.  And then, out of nowhere, she started to become very needy.  

Back in May (at around the same time this was all happening) we watched a play about the rapture.  There was a scene in the play when all of the children suddenly disappeared.  The Lord had taken all of the innocent away.  She had many questions which my husband and I, to the best of our ability, answered (according to the Bible).  A few days later we were playing at the park and she hid behind a tree.  When she finally popped out she told me she was playing "rapture".  From this carefree behavior I knew she was okay and that she understood that God will one day take all of His people off of this earth.

I was wrong.  She started fearing being alone; something she never did mind. Someone had to be with her at ALL times.  If she was going to take longer than usual in the bathroom and I stepped away to clean up or make dinner, she would immediately claim she was done.  If I was washing dishes in the kitchen, there she was, right next to me.  If I went into the bathroom to shower, she would wait for me on the toilet and talk to me the whole time just to make sure I was still there.  One time I was putting away some of her things under her bed so I bent down.  She let out the most terrifying scream I've ever heard.  When I went to see what was wrong she told me she thought I was gone.

She would have breakfast every morning and now she was just never hungry or willing to eat.  The most I could get her to have was a sip of water. 

At some point it just became too much!  I was starting to resent her behavior.  I would get very annoyed at not being able to clean our home without her constantly interrupting.  I couldn’t get anything done. 

God spoke to me.  One day I realized that I had the power to make it all stop.  A demonic force was causing fear in my daughter, anger in me, and all in all a division between us.  It was time to put my authority into practice.

Every single night I would pray over her and cast out all evil.  I felt the anger rise within me at the thought that there was a demon trying to torment her.  I shouted.  I commanded; all in the name of Jesus Christ.  And I declared that because of the blood shed by our Savior that I had the authority to cast out the demons. 

Every morning before walking out of the front door we prayed also.  I asked Jesus to grant my daughter peace and to constantly remind her that He is always with her and that He will remain in her as long as she calls upon Him. 

I remember talking to my mom about it and I remember her telling me that I had to figure out what was wrong.  She mentioned talking to a therapist.  A therapist?!  That itself made me revolt even more.  What can another human do for me in this situation?  Nothing.  Only God could heal us.  This gave me even more strength and a greater drive to PROVE that PRAYER DOES WORK!  I needed a testimony out of this.  I needed to prove that God was at work in our lives.  And I DID!

Not very long after I started praying like crazy, I saw the results. One day after school we got home and my daughter wanted to watch a movie so we went ahead and set it up on her personal DVD player. I placed a sleeping mat under one of our tables just to make it fun for her. Before I knew it I was wondering if she was okay. I had not heard a single peep from her. When I went to check on her she was doing perfectly fine. About an hour had gone by and she had not tried to look for me. I remember I even rewarded her that day for being so well behaved. I think she too was surprised that she had remained calm. She was very happy.

From that day forward, we have not had any of those problems anymore. And, that following morning, she woke up and her first words to me were “I’m hungry”. Praise GOD!!!!

I am crying as I type this testimony. Not because I am sad or I feel sorry, but because I am in AWE of how AMAZING God is! He is great, loving, forgiving, understanding, just, giving, and so much, much, more!

Words cannot even begin to describe or explain what God did in me. My Faith has grown significantly because I now understand what it means to sacrifice.

I cannot stress to you mothers how important prayer for our children is. I understand that my daughter’s problem was not as big as some of your children’s problems might be. But know that my daughter is 5. For her age, this was a big problem. However, in God’s eyes, it was NOTHING.

If you are truly ready to see God work in your life, SACRIFICE. Know that anything can be changed. Fast, pray, and don’t give up! Keep at it. Never stop fighting for your children. Use your anger in the right way. One day, you too, will be giving a testimony with a huge grin on your face.

*Note: As I typed this I remembered something that I hadn’t shared when I previously told my testimony. The day of the play they took an opportunity to call on those who had not personally accepted Jesus and asked them to go up to the stage to pray. My daughter asked: “Mom, what are they going up there for?” I explained. Then she asked: "Aren’t you going to go?" I told her I didn’t need to because I had already accepted Jesus. She then said: “I want to go.” I was overjoyed. My 5 year old was choosing to accept Jesus in her life. We went up, she prayed, and they gave her a Bible.

Now that I think about it more and more it all makes sense. We were being attacked because of my daughter's readiness and willingness to declare Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

With the help of Jesus, we overcame. And you will too.

May the Lord bless you,
Georgina Myers
Mother in Prayer - California

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  1. Thank you for sharing this tremendous testimony.
    That many mothers receive these strengths and together we will win!

  2. There is nothing stronger than prayer and trusting in God. if you put God first He will change your story. God Bless

  3. good message.. I was a only child for long time, at very young age I also had those fears and is true it is really a torment.. even though I didnt grew up in a christian home and of course my mom wasnt christian.. God in his mercy never left me and I learned how to pray even thought nobody taught me how to do it, now i know it was God guiding me and when i never expected i was free from those fears.. this testimony is also good for future moms:)