Sunday, August 12, 2012


Being a mother is not someone that gets pregnant and gives birth. Being a mother is not only going through the excrucianting pain of bringing a child into the world!
Being a mother is not simply giving food, clothes and taking care of the physical and their studies! Being a mother is not dressing up your child making them beautiful. 
Being a mother is much more than that! Being a mother is giving to them what you have and always prioritizing them. 
Being a mother is caring, love, love, and love! Being a mother is depending on the grace of God day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. 
Being a mother is depending on God because He never fails, He protects and sustains us. Being a mother is feeling blessed to have received from the Lord privilege of taking care of a child (In other words a soul). 
Being a mother is to see your imperfect love compared to the perfect love of God. Being a mother is always being happy even when your children are all grown and leave the house. 
Because she knows she has fulfilled her part and she knows that our Heavenly Father will do the rest. For God promised: "Fear not, for I am with you at all times." 
Being a mother is being happy just for the act of being a mother.
God Bless.
Claudia Brito 

Living Faith Evangelical Church
1235 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA - 90813

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  1. To be a mother is really a huge blessing.
    Kisses :)