Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Priscila and Miguel (Left) - Patricia and Michael (Right)

I was my mother's only child and grew up with the affection of a mother. She, taught me, her way, how to be a good woman in general. At a young age, I found the love of my life and got married at seventeen, shortly after that, my mother died. Being yet unprepared, I got pregnant months after the wedding and had my first daughter. Although I had my mother as a reference, I found myself with the challenge of putting into practice what I had learned, all alone.

I didn't know how to exchange diapers and others things, and everything seemed very hard for me. 
Then, I got pregnant again, another beautiful baby girl was born, with the only difference of one year to the other. 

I was rushing to get things done, many nights sleeping for few hours, when suddenly I got shocked by a serious sickness in my younger daughter. At six months, we noticed that she did not have the ease of other babies, and we took her to the a brain speciallist. So, she was diagnosed with a brain problem, for which she was confined to a limited life and totally dependent on others to live.

Even though I was still very young, I had a great faith! By knowing the severity of the problem, I had no doubt, faith brought me the full assurance that "there is nothing impossible for God." 

After we pray (My husband and I), she was fully restored. Praise God, she was as fine as the older daughter, and now I asked God for wisdom to educate them, overcoming challenges as a mother on a daily basis,  and still having to struggle to take care of everything. Home, children, and the due attention deserved by my beloved husband. And in all things God was always the Rock I would stand upon, and because of my covenant with Him, I was blessed by receiving many words of faith and very good advices.

I remember that since my daughters were just little children, I used to pray asking God to bless them with God-fearing men. So, they grew up with a mother who prayed for them, who shared with them the greatest treasure I had in life, which is my faith in God. 

I remember reading the bible for them, telling them its beautiful stories, and aside from that, being always with them as a friend. 

I believe that God used me and heard all my prayers, as today my daughters are making the difference in this world, serving God with their lives.

Indeed, the challenge of being a mother at a very young age was not easy. I always prayed to God to use me so that they could see me as a reference for them. I've never been perfect, but faith has always been very present in my family and we remain united, winning all the challenges.

Today we thank God for the sacrifices and successes He granted to us. I'm 46 years old, the first daughter is 27 years (Turning to 28 November now) and the younger one is 26 years (Turning to 27 October now), and both serve God with all their strength and courage

My daughter Priscila is in London with her beloved husband (A pastor of the church) and Patricia in Canada, helping her dear husband (Also a pastor of the church). They make a difference in this world so cruel. When I think of the difficulties we went through, the tears I shed, I look to the skies above and thank my Marvelous God.

Dear mother, with the same intensity of that faith I used for my daughters, I tell you that nothing is in vain, even all the difficulties can be transformed into precious diamonds by our faith. No matter what your kids are, even if they are lost in this world, know that none of you will ever be forsaken and forgotten by God. He sees everything and pretty soon, you will have a great joy to see your children and entire family in God's hands. If you believe, so let it be...

I appreciate this opportunity to share some of the wonders that come when we are "Mothers in Prayer."

Thank you Lord Jesus!

Kind Regards.

Claudia Brito

"A mother in prayer in California"


  1. I've loved it!! It's truth!! Prayer and faith of a mother can move everything. Even the most hard, cruel, hopeless, heart. Because love and mercy of God are more powerfull than everything.
    My mother and mother's heart did that and I praise God for their lives and faith.

  2. This is really inspirational, reminds me of my mum, as well she went through so many struggles but yet she is a fighter.. Thank you for this.

    P,s I am Liliana in the church where Mrs Priscila is and she is an amazing woman of God.....


  3. good message... i didnt know your mom died when you were so young.. thank God you found God before, bcos he is our strength.

  4. Hi Dear Mrs Claudia

    so strong, thank you for share with as kisses.