Sunday, December 09, 2012


I was a newlywed and after preparing lunch, as usual I went to bathe to wait for my husband’s arrival.
All of a sudden, a great sadness came over me, as if something bad was happening.
I got dressed and fell to my knees, my reaction was to cry, and cry a lot.
Later that day, I found out that something did happen; someone that I loved very much passed away, my dear mother. I prayed and asked God why?

After a few months, I got pregnant. Had a beautiful daughter and soon after that, another beautiful baby girl was born. I spent many moments of pain because of one of my daughter’s health problems.
One day while at the hospital, my daughter asked me, why are you crying?
And I said, everybody cries my dear, this will pass and you will see that Mama knows how to smile too.

Time passed, and many battles had emerged, and there I was crying at the feet of my Lord.
I had written many messages to help mothers who weep, and I know that there is a tremendous force in us. But I was still having these thoughts, as those of a mother who weeps!

Know that God created us to be strong and special. When our children cry, we lay them on our laps and soothe them as they are fragile and dependent of us. We are strong enough to run around all the time, from home to the market, to pick our children up from school. We don’t depend on anyone to do our daily chores, even if we have to run around carrying heavy bags. Sometimes we have this great strength to do all these things that we don’t even know where it comes from. We endure struggles, whether it’s our own or our families and we are always there for our family to protect them and encourage them.

We have so much strength, amidst so many battles. We have had the love to endure them, under any circumstances that life brings us. But where does such strength come from? I believe that our tears have been accepted by the great author of life, My Lord! Because without Him there would be no more tears, no more strength to resist the many challenges life can bring.
Know this mother, my dear friend, nothing comes to us that we cannot bear, it's easy to say it right? But, this is where faith with intelligence that God has given to us comes in.
If you cry, cry with joy, sharing with me your victory!

The video below was made with you in mind, my dear mother, never give up!
we are more than over comers!!!

With love,
Claudia Brito

Auckland-New Zealand

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