Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been caring for my two children on my own for about one year and eight months.  My husband left us.  At first I was very sad and depressed.  I felt so lonely and didn’t feel like I was worth anything.  Because I felt this way, I would take it out on my kids.  I thought the reason my husband left me was partly their fault.  

One day we realized that someone was putting strange things outside of our house.  My daughter Adriana started seeing shadows and hearing voices telling her to kill her father and me.  Adriana also started having problems in school with her grades and other children.  She’d always fight with her brother and they would say to each other how much they hated one other.  

Rodrigo, my son, was rebellious at school.  There were times when the principal almost called the police on my son.  Sometimes he wouldn’t show up for school and instead smoked marijuana.  I had problems at work because the school would call me to go pick him up.  He had insomnia and there were times when he felt something like death would come onto his bed while he was getting ready to go to sleep.

I finally sat down with my kids and I asked them how they felt.  I realized that what they were going through I had gone through in my childhood --- my parents separating, and the feelings they felt, I had felt too.  I didn’t want them to suffer like I had so I started to look for help.

I began attending Living Faith Evangelical Church and started my chains of prayer on Fridays.  I opened my heart to Jesus.  My son, daughter, and myself are totally liberated from all evil now.  There aren’t any more drugs, thoughts of suicide or killing, and my kids are doing well in school.  And all three of us are able to sleep at night without fear because we don’t feel evil spirits any more.

Thanks to God!

Lilia Ledesma - Mother in Prayer - California

1235 Pacific Avenue Long Beach, Ca 90813

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