Monday, September 10, 2012


There is a time when parents watch their children grow and mature just like everything in nature created by God.  Nature, in the beginning, required help in order to form.  Once formed, it became independent.  As an example we can speak of seeds planted by human hands, watered, and cared for until they become a large tree and are no longer dependent on men.

Our children are the same in their early months.  When they start to walk and they fall they look to us for help.  They grow up very fast and everything is left behind; crying, pain, weaknesses, dependencies, etc.  We will miss those moments when they were so dependent on us.  Children then become teenagers and start doing things by themselves to show that they are able to achieve things without us.  All that is left for us is to wait and trust that God will protect them.

Mothers always advise their children but most of the time those words of wisdom are not saved.  Time flies from us.  We get older and gray hairs grow.  These are the children that we made and love --- despite of everything that happens….both good and bad.  They grow up watching and learning from our victories and mistakes.  Yet, hopefully those mistakes are not repeated!

There is a period in which parents seem to lose contact with their children.  All that can change by praying and trusting in God.  By doing so, they can see us as true friends.  Although they will leave the passenger seat and move onto the driver’s seat they will know that they can always count on us.  The trick is to wait and trust in God.  Be certain that the seed was watered (with many tears) from prayer and now, your children as adults, can live as mature people, making their own mistakes (and learning from them) and being successes in life.  And so when we're together with them always remember the happy times together achieved through the power of faith.

Always in Prayer, 
Claudia Brito - Mother in Prayer 

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  1. In fact, when they grow up, they want to walk alone, and I pray for their protection, and I'm at peace.