Wednesday, September 26, 2012


“How was I born?  What is sex?  How do girls get pregnant?”  

These are only a few of the questions that children ask us when they enter the phase of “Why?”  It’s in this phase that our kids start to wonder about life and want to know everything.  It shouldn’t be difficult for us to talk to our kids and explain to them how things work --- especially when it comes to sex. As mothers, we should be able to talk to our kids about sex.  We should be able to explain and clarify our child’s doubts.  I remember when my daughters asked me about this particular subject.  I made sure that I clarified everything for them.  

It’s very important for us to clarify our children’s doubts, especially when they are curious about something in particular.  Be honest.  Answer your child’s question in a manner suitable for his/her age.  Don’t try to make up a story to tell them; just go straight to the point.  Use the Bible to help you.  Start with the book of Genesis and the creation of God.  Remember, don’t try to sugar coat it.  Be direct and honest because honesty will help your child in this world that is full of malicious things.  Do not give them a reason to look for answers outside the home.  Always keep in mind that if your son or daughter asks a question regarding something serious it’s probably because they either heard someone talking about it or they saw something.  Once a child’s question is answered be aware that they will have more and more questions.  If they see that they can trust you they will always go to you for advice and will be open with you too.

Our children are always going to ask us questions; “What’s that? Why is it like that? Why mom?”  We must answer their questions correctly.  If, for any reason, you don’t know the answer, let them know that you will answer their question later on in the day so that you can educate yourself on an answer.  As parents, we have to be prepared for any question that our kids might ask.  

On a side note:  If you live with anyone else, set boundaries.  You are the one your children should rely on; not someone else.  Make it an every day habit to ask your children what they learned at school.  Communication within the family is key and will ensure that your children receive the right answers.

Never forget that you possess a golden encyclopedia --- the Bible.  You will have a solid base if you follow this advice.

I invite you, mother, to join us.  Every day we get on our knees and pray for there to be a difference in the children of the mothers who pray.

In Faith,
Claudia Brito

1235 Pacific Avenue   Long Beach, Ca 90813

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  1. Hi Mrs Claudia,
    thank you so much for the advice,this help me a lot