Monday, October 01, 2012


I am not someone who understands nutrition but I do know it is important to intake the right amount of food every day.  When my first daughter was between 1 and 2 years old she was very skinny although she would eat right all the time.  But because I didn’t know about nutrition, I made sure that when I made her bottles they were thick and rich in vitamins.

I wasn’t alone though.  I had my family helping me.  I would give my daughter an appetite stimulator, which she liked very much.  To this day, I remember what my mother said; Be careful.  All these vitamins that you are giving your daughter might have an effect on her in the future. Said and done.  To this day, my daughter has to watch what she does in order not to gain weight.

Children in school are often teased.  Obesity in children is at a high rate and some of them get bullied because of their weight.  Ex: “Look how fat she is!” “Look, she has four eyes.” 

As a parent we have to take proper care --- both in food as in other areas too.  By doing so I’m sure we will see them happier. In this day in age we have so many things that make our lives easier and help us.  But even so, we have to keep a close eye on our kids and teach them what God says about our body; it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, we have to care for our body and not just our physical body but every aspect of our lives.

We are aware that there are children that are rebellious and aggressive.  We will have problems in the future if we don’t take action in the beginning.  Prayer gives us direction just like a compass that shows us the way.  Sometimes we don’t know how to handle a situation and we end up making mistakes.

I leave you with this observation; know that through faith we reach the impossible.  With this said, know that you will surely see the difference in your home.  Taking care of those we love and seeking the right direction will give us good rewards in the end.

Join the women in faith who have constantly prayed for our children.  The results have been gratifying for all of us.  Be part of this prayer chain and together we will have the strength to fight!

In Faith, 
Claudia Brito
1235 Pacific Avenue  Long Beach, Ca 90813

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