Monday, October 08, 2012


We can see it in children.  When they want something they start to cry and they don’t stop until they get what they want.

I witnessed a scene --- quite unpleasant; there was a mother with her three year old child at the park.  It was time to go but the child didn’t want to go so the she started to cry and then threw herself on the ground as if though the mother had beaten her.  You can only imagine how the mother was.  I'm sure she felt super embarrassed.  If you had seen her you would have been able to tell she didn’t know what to do.

Society has us mixed up about things.  Parents have children thinking that they’re going to give them the best and they work hard to make it happen.  One day they come home and realize that they ended up spoiling their child and that by always putting their work first they lost a lot of quality time with them.  Then the child grows up and has the wrong attitude towards everything.  In turn, the parents ask themselves ‘Where did I go wrong?’

As mothers we know the hard work it takes to raise and educate a child.  But many of the problems in the relationships between mother and sons/daughters stem from rebellion and oftentimes it’s because of the lack of time spent with their children.

What child wouldn't trade all of this for a couple of hours of attention and companionship?  When we spend time with our kids we sow the good seeds in them and we are able to stop the roots of the rebellion.  We also leave in them the fear of God and the benefits we have by having Him in our lives.

If your child is grown don’t think that it’s too late to change the situation.

Don’t be sad!  I have so many wonderful things to share and just feel sad knowing that my writing is coming to an end....   God's time for you dear mother is now!  Regardless of what happened in the past,  what matters now, is that today you have the opportunity to start living a new story with your child.

It's never too late for God!  He goes and thrown in the sea of forgetfulness your sad past.  The dreams you have for the future He strengthens you to build today.  Right now!

Rebellious children, mother’s patience!  Mothers, you have to know how to choose the right time to speak, be silent, and above all know how to wait, for He who promised, is FAITHFUL, mighty to fulfill.

Pray, persevere, have patience and by that wonderful faith that you have, hug your child, kiss them, say you love them even when they misbehave.  Let them know who God is through your life.  Be ready to listen without criticizing even though what they might be doing is wrong.  Allow them the chance to listen to what they are saying to you and realizing that they are wrong.  Wait for the right time and then sow good words and instruction.

We are sure that when we pray together with you in this faith we form a chain of faith so strong that hell trembles and all evil flee in the name of JESUS!

The victory is for sure ours and while we wait patiently realizing that each of us is being polished as a diamond in the rough hands of God, that your time will be pretty and bright. We are praying, believing and trusting.

Dear mother, you can do anything with God, because He strengthens you.

Isis Regina

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