Monday, November 26, 2012


Before I came to the UCKG, my life was in shambles. My parents were about to get divorced, and I never got along with my parents.

They used to fight for no reason at all. One time my dad nearly killed my mum, he was so drunk that he ran after her with a knife.

I had to come in between them to stop my dad or my mum would have been dead. Many times I had suicidal thoughts because of my parents constant arguments.

If it was not for the UCKG, I believe that I would still be lost out there, looking for help but never actually finding it.

When we came to the UCKG, we heard the Bishop say that this life is not what God has planned for you and that there is a better life for you.
We learned how to use our faith and that's how we were blessed.

Now we are a family of God, my parents, I can say that they are a couple of God. I praise God for blessing our lives.

Shahil Ram

 36 Atkinson Ave., Otahuhu Aucland

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