Monday, November 05, 2012


            It was another beautiful ordinary day; I woke up and got my daughters ready for school. They had breakfast, and off we went it was a short walk from home. I came home and as usual began organizing my day and started preparing lunch. My daughter’s had the privilege of coming home for lunch, because we were foreigners in the country and lived very close to the school. 

Lunch time came, and I went back to get the girls, when I got there, suddenly my youngest daughter came desperately running towards me, in a way that my heart sank into my stomach. “Mother, Mother!” Something terrible happened!” she said desperately. At that very moment, I cried to God for help, and asked her “Where is Priscilla?” suddenly she comes along with her head down and helpless. I rushed to her and asked, “What happened, my love?” She looked at me, and my tears started coming down hard, my God! Her small precious face was scratched all over.
 I immediately went to the office to find out what happened. But honestly, I confess, I was furious. I had always thought that in school, they would always be protected from any harm. The principal apologized, and said that there wasn’t anything she could’ve done to prevent this from happening. I asked her, “There was nothing you could’ve done?” I wanted an explanation! She then told me that, they were playing as they normally did, and all of a sudden, a classmate began attacking Priscilla and with her nails, she scratched her like a cat. At the moment I didn’t have any reaction, I simply asked them to get the girls belongings, and told them that I would take them home for the rest of the day, and that tomorrow I wanted to speak to the person responsible for that child.
We went home in silence, I keep wondering what had really happened. I served them lunch, and then gave them a bath. After that, I sat down with her and said, “Now tell me dear, what really happened?” She sadly and frightened said, “Mommy, we were playing and I told her I loved Jesus, and that He is my friend, and suddenly she attacked me, and did all this, and Patricia took her off of me.” At that very moment I hugged my daughters and we prayed.

The next day, I went straight to the principal’s office, and while I was waiting, a little girl entered with a sad look on her face. The principal pointed to her and said, “That’s her!” I immediately went towards her, kneeled down and hugged her, and said,” I love you darling, and Jesus loves you very much too!”  She cried and hugged me tight, like a frightened child hugs her mother. I said, “Don’t worry; everything will be fine, okay? And know that Priscilla and Patricia love you too, if you want, from today on, they will be your best friends.”  Then, the little girl’s grandma came towards me, and I got up, she thanked me, and said, “You really protected this child with a love that I thought never existed.”From that day forth, the three would wait for me with excitement and joy. When they were together, they were always happy.
You know, because of our daily distractions, chores, family problems, etc.., we lose moments like this. If I didn’t have Jesus’ love in me, which always protects me, I wouldn’t have confronted this problem in this manner, isn’t that true? Our faith is nourished by seeking God, and reading His word daily. I invite you mother, to join us, in this chain of prayer and together we will protect our children and ourselves, from these frightening situations that try to take away our peace.

With love,
Claudia Brito
New Zealand

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