Monday, November 12, 2012


My name is Marli de Oliveira.  I’ve been married for 40 years to Acir Oliveira.  We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  Before coming to Living Faith Evangelical Church, I had a lot of problems.  I suffered from depression and I would see shadows.  I had a serious illness in one of my legs that prevented me from walking.  Someone invited me to Living Faith Evangelical Church but I didn’t want to accept the invitation because I was already in another Evangelical church.  I didn’t want to seek help at Living Faith. One day though, after so much pain, I decided to attend one of the services.  I liked the message I heard and was well received so I start to attend frequently.  I then started a chain of prayer.  With a lot of perseverance and listening to what the Pastors and Bishops would say to me, I can say that I’m liberated from all evil and so is my family. Today I am free.  I have a happy family and my children are very blessed in their lives.  One of my daughters is a teacher and she is married to a man of God.  Another one of my children, my son, is an engineer and an auditor of federal revenue, and he is married a woman of God.  These two children gave me my four grandchildren.  Then I have my other daughter and my other son.  My second son is also an engineer and an expert federal policeman and my second daughter is a lawyer and she works with me.  All my family is in the same faith as me.  I accomplished all this through faith and perseverance and with the help of the Living Faith Evangelical Church.  I, in this faith, pray for all the mothers.  Remember that everything is possible for he who believes.

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