Sunday, December 23, 2012

Being a mother, I always thought I was a good role model for my kids, by providing everything money could buy to fulfill their needs. I didn’t realize at that time that it was not enough. I used to have a lot of problems, isolate myself and drink a lot.

My children used to spend their time on the computer, watching movies and with their friends. They didn’t like me drinking but when there were at parties they used to drink a little alcohol as well, all because I was setting that example for them.

Life only changed when I came to the UCKG Help Centre. All my problems, health problems, alcohol addiction, insecurity in my marriage and sadness all disappeared, I was set free from all of these problems. My children saw me changed and then, only then they started to come to church.
Today, we can call ourselves a family because we do things together.

As a mother it depends on me, if I set a good or a bad example for my kids, because they follow what we do.

We as mothers have to take this step first to set a good example for our children, we have to have faith first and I am sure they will follow.

Sashi Kumar

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