Sunday, December 30, 2012


We have to be vigilant when it comes to our children, for example, watch for behavioral changes, lack of appetite, lose of interest in daily activities, always too quiet, etc..

We must always have a special care and attention for our children, visit their school, meet their teachers, and show them you are present and interested in your child´s education and progress. Get to know their friends, invite them over for lunch or dinner, prepare a nice age appropriate meal for them, and always keep them close. Do not be too overprotective, or overdo it, but enough for them to consider you a friend a companion and trust you.  Always be present in everything, in their activities, get to know the people that surround them. This is a good way to prevent unwanted situations. A lot of times because of work or our daily problems and difficulties, we tend to ignore our children, always leaving them for later. 

This is very risky, in this malicious world we have to be always alert, if your child is already involved in a problem, do not ignore it, protect them always, give him the support that is needed, if he is not at fault of course. However, if he is at fault do not reject him. God did not reject the thief on the cross. Make him see that you understand and are available to help him resolve this situation. Be there to comfort him, give him a tight hug.

 God never rejected us, He knew of our human nature, gave us a chance at a life of total protection through repentance and obedience to His Son Jesus. Because of this faith, we receive the strength we need daily to overcome our problems and be at peace. Problems, we all have them, but the big difference is having someone who can resolve them with better efficiency. Our goal is to raise our children not for this world but, to recognize and honor God. So, mothers pray for your children every day. Never give up, and you will be at peace. Cry out to God, and acquire wisdom, and with this faith we will be able to help our children overcome.
Join us.

With love and perseverance,
Claudia Brito

Auckland – New Zealand

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