Sunday, January 06, 2013


Nowadays it is very common for a single woman to have children. I remember when I was a young girl, and I saw that my mother was not willing to take me to school, I thought: “Where is my dad to take me?” My childhood memories are very clear; I always wanted my dad to be present.  However my mother was a single mother!

Today, I counsel many mothers with similar situations to the one that I faced, and I know how great their fight is, that eventually they become desperate and end up unconsciously taking it out on their children. The world today is very different. Women play a great role in today’s society, being married or not. With that, they must be efficient both on a professional level and in their home.

I know it is not easy, however, who ends up suffering even more, are the children that are being raised without a mother nearby, and even worse in a single mother home, because the father is absent. So day cares, the media in general, electronic games, computers, etc. eventually become the solution to the problem. Because of this, valuable things end up being forgotten, such as a daily walk in the park, bike riding with the kids, playing with them, etc.

Mothers become easily angered and everything is grounds for a slap. Time is short, so she prefers to use a physical approach which is faster, rather than sitting down and talking to her children,  which will definitely cause problems in the future for her children. Sometimes a child does not even know why he is being punished therefore, it will be impossible for him to learn how to distinguish right from wrong, because no one taught him!

I remember, since I had no father, my mother didn’t have the patience to teach me, when I did something wrong I would get hit and that was it. I cried, got angry, and would not change. When I had my daughters I tried to do differently, especially because I have the support of my husband.

I think of you, who are single mothers like my mother was, and this is why I decided to write this message. Dialogue is extremely important in a relationship between a mother and her children, even when the father is present, since he is more outside the home than us mothers.

I hope God has spoken to you today, and do not let anything take your place, a role of a mother cannot be replaced by anyone.

Join us every day, in this chain of prayer.
Claudia Brito
New Zealand- Auckland

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