Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi my name is Claudia Otero and I have two children. Before coming to the UCKG my older son, Angel, who is now 6 years old had to undergo many medical analyses, due to an accident he had when he was only 6 months old. A vacuum fell on his head.
The doctors were afraid that he would have brain damage. Therefore had to have many tests done all these years to make sure. Before I knew the power of prayer and the living God, I was so worried especially when had periods were he didn’t recognize anyone around him for a few seconds. As a mother, this really made me sad and desperate.
I started coming to the UCKG and using my faith. Today, he recently had some tests done and they came out completely normal. He no longer has those periods of no recognition! I am a mother in prayer and I know that through my prayers and perseverance my children are Blessed and free from any sickness and harm. I invite you to join and put your children in the best hands, God!

Toronto - Canada

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