Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today, I take the liberty to interrupt our regular programming to talk about what happened in the early hours of Sunday (27) in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. As I write this post, 232 have been found dead, a tragedy that occurred in Santa Maria: a fire at Kiss nightclub. Everyone was very young. Children actually at the peak of their youth. Harvested prematurely by tragedy.

The Blog Godllywood, as well as everyone at The Universal Church, in solidarity with the victims' families at a time when Brazil is in mourning. Unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do for those who died. But, for the survivors and family members who suffer the pain and despair of the sudden loss of a loved one, we can each do our part.

The group "Mothers in Prayer" went to Santa Maria to show solidarity to the crowd of mothers who lost their children this morning, without any notice. Helping and giving important spiritual support to all those families in this time of great need. Pastor Carlos Cucato, of Porto Alegre, informs that there are volunteers in Rio Grande do Sul donating blood, collecting water, masks and disposable gloves (to help, ask at the nearest UCKG or by email @ sossantamaria r7.com).

I believe that our desire is that of God's will: to be near those families who are suffering, to console, comfort and strengthen in this time of great need. To do everything possible to help. This is the work that Godllywood does, which is shown every week on the blog. This is the spirit of the Universal Church.

A mother awaits in anguish, the return of her child that has gone to have fun in nightclubs during the late night hours, tonight these mothers saw their worst nightmare become reality. Their children did not return. Their calls were not answered. Went to identify his body among several other bodies, just one more body in a multitude of dead. But for her, it was not just one more body.

It was a moment of horror. The fire spread in less than three minutes, there was only one exit3
, the power outage left everyone in the dark. Smoke and darkness. Hundreds of young people looking for a way out. Some, believing they had found the door, died in the bathrooms, trapped. Others were trampled. Everything happened very fast.

It is too early to point out all the security flaws that led to this tragedy, but we are sure of one thing; what happened was not God's will. In the Bible, He says he has no pleasure in the death of anyone. But He does not use us as puppets, we believe that who has not devoted his life to Him is subject to natural events, without God’s interference. This is why it is so important to pray for our loved ones who are not in the faith.

The security guards did not notice the fire and blocked the exit, they were concerned only with money. When they realized what was happening, all that lost its value. At that point the only thing that mattered was to save their own lives. While we do not realize how fragile our situation and that of those around us is, we only care about money, our expenses, holding grudges, holding on to religious rituals, and a lot of insignificant things. But once we realize it, we see that the only thing that really matters is our salvation, eternal life.

Brazil is officially in mourning. The Bible says "It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for that is the end of all men, and the living take it to heart." Ecclesiastes 7.2

PS: I thought it important to talk about this here, because many girls in Godllywood are in the age range of the victims of this tragedy. Their mothers will not wake up in the middle of the night with the horrible news. Value the opportunity you have received.

Vanessa Lampert

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