Sunday, May 19, 2013


Before I came to the UCKG my life was totally destroyed. My main problem was in my Sentimental life. I felt alone and would cry unconsolably at night when no one was looking.

My mom was the first member in our family to attend the UCKG, she always invited me to go with her but I didn’t accept. Even though I saw many changes in her I still didn’t accepted her invitation. I would always tell her that I would go next time, but never did. I was afraid of what my friends think if I became a Christian.

My mother never gave up, she kept praying for me and inviting me to go with her. One day I decided to go with her. I would go to church with my mother, but when the Pastors told us to give our lives to God one hundred percent and leave our old life behind, that was something very difficult for me.

One day I decided that I was going to open my heart and let God work in my life, I didn't want to have the same life as my sisters that didn't go to church.

Then my life began to change in all areas, my love life, financial life, and in everything.

After a year past I got married to my boyfriend who also decided to give his life to God. Two years after that we received the greatest gift of all, the Holy Spirit. Shortly after we became assistants of the church, and after that we were called to serve Him on the alter.

Today, my family and I are completely blessed.

Thank you Jesus.

I am a living testimony of what a mother's prayer can do. I tell you today, maybe you are facing the similar situation with your children, husband or any family member and you are even thinking that they will never turn God. But I assure you don't give up! Persevere in prayers and believe, just like my mother did for me. If it wasn't for her perseverance I wouldn't be here today serving the Lord!

Collaborated by Claudia Brito
Auckland - New Zealand

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