Sunday, June 23, 2013


He grew up watching his parents tell lies. Simple things that in his parent’s eyes weren’t important. His mother hid certain things from him and thought: "He doesn’t understand, he won’t notice." But he did. After all, children are so attentive!

At five years old he already deceived his friends in school. When he liked something that belonged to his friends he would take it and hide it in his backpack. His mother would say, “He didn’t mean any harm, he was just borrowing it.” When he didn’t feel like doing anything in school he would lie to his teacher and tell her he had a stomachache, and would be sent home.

In another occasion he saw a fellow student being bullied, but didn’t report it to the teacher, even if he saw the child was hurt. After all, no one saw, he wasn’t going to be the one to tell.

More than what we say, our example is what draws the attention of our children. If we teach our children not to lie, then why do we lie in certain situations?

For example, in case of a separation, you should never hide what is happening from your children, because they notice everything. Of course you won’t tell them all the details, but it’s important to explain the truth in a way they can understand. Even if it hurts the truth must always be told.

Everyone knows that children are very smart. They know when something is wrong and if parents lie, they lose the opportunity to explain the real situation.

Everyday lies like asking your child to lie for you over the phone, telling them to say you’re not home could be extremely harmful to their education.

If parents act this way they are giving leeway for their children to do the same, and later when they try to discipline them, it will be no use. To hide the truth when more complex situations arise makes it even worse.

We know that no human being is born knowing right from wrong, or with ethics, but what determines his or her conduct in life will depend on the education they received at home.

Truth is one of the main foundations in a family. Each member should be truthful with one another at all times, no matter what age.

Children are precious. If we want a world with less violence and full of love it begins inside our home. We must always set the right examples to our children.

Collaborated by:
Claudia Brito
Auckland – New Zealand

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