Tuesday, August 06, 2013


She was a hard-working woman and all she wanted was to fulfill her dream of getting married and having a nice home.

But this dream was soon interrupted because she had to share her apartment with a friend from school. This friend did everything so that they could have a great friendship, but everything changed when this friend became pregnant. She was very ashamed of her pregnancy because she was older and was always the one in charged of everything being well organized. Her shame was so great that she rejected the child growing in her womb. When this beautiful baby girl was born she did the unthinkable, she abandoned her baby.

Time passed, and soon after that I was born, my mother, didn’t accept what her friend did so she made sure to go and find the baby. She gave her all the affection in the world. We grew up together and everything I had she had. We were like twins.

I felt my mother gave her much more attention than me, I felt as if I was being rejected. If something went wrong at home, I was to blame. I was always blamed for everything.

I was the one that was always punished while my sister ran under the bed to hide.

We grew up fast and when I asked my mother why she treated me that way she would look at me and tell me to study and do my best at everything.

She never answered me as to why she rejected me; well at least I saw it that way. I was being very selfish.

Time passed, we became two beautiful young girls. Soon after I got married and everything changed. My mind began to see and understand more clearly why my mom gave so much love and affection to my sister.

After meeting the Author of love and faith I could clearly understand the love my mother had for this helpless baby that was rejected by her birth mother.

My mother was an angel who reached out to help a mother without direction and made a huge difference. She turned a little girl’s sadness into happiness and hope. She gave her the opportunity to grow up without any resentment of her mother’s wrongful decision.

My mother is now with Jesus, but through her example of giving and loving without expecting anything in return I learned what true love is. To love is to give and that is exactly what God did, He gave his only Son so that, today, we can be here.

God is faithful, and there are moments in our lives that we don’t know why we have so many struggles and problems, but know that there’s a good reason for everything and God knows all things.

Today with this love, I've been used by God to help many girls and women find hope in the midst of a sad past. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life, our Father’s greatest pleasure is to have children who worship Him in Spirit and in truth, so that we can be planted by the river and produce much fruits.

Can you imagine what this baby’s life would’ve been like if a woman full of love to give didn’t rescue her? You too can make a difference in this world through your love and by giving to someone in need.

Think about it.

Claudia Brito

Auckland – New Zealand

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