Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's that time of year again...

The morning rush begins. The "I don't want to go to school." The "let me stay up five more minute" battles.

I remember when I went to school, the beginning of the School year was always a drag! After a lazy, go to bed at anytime, summer, having to wake up early and going back into that Study mode again was so hard.

Well here are a few helpful hints that I came upon:

1. To make bedtime easier don't tell them they have to go to bed, like if it was a punishment but rather, you get to go to sleep and rest (like if it was a good thing).

2. Count back nine or so hours from the time they need to get up for school (give them a generous amount of time to get ready) that would be their falling asleep time. Allow them to get ready for bed 10 to 20 minutes before that.

3.Make getting up worth it: Let them play a video game or watch TV for a few minutes. It may sound contradicting but that way they'll be excited to get up early.

4.Help your child pick the perfect study area. It shouldn't have many things around that will distract them. Have them close their eyes and ask them what they need (pens, calculator, books, computer, etc.) then call out each item and have them reach out for it, where ever they reach out to should be the place to put them.

5. Make healthy lunches and snacks a day before. A healthy meal and snack will help them function and absorb information better.

6. Address one issue at a time, but don't overlook any of them.

7. Try to always participate in everything that is going on in their school.

8. Make yourself available when they need you.

Above all, put God in first place and place your children in His hands. Always teach your children to pray for God's guidance and protection each day before going out to school!

In Jesus name I determine along with each one of you that this school year will be Blessed and God's protection will be upon each one of our children!

Mariasol Cook - Toronto - Canada

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