Sunday, September 22, 2013


I didn't plan to get pregnant, but after completing five months of marriage I received the news that I was pregnant. I had to take every necessary precaution to protect this little being growing inside of me. I didn't yet know the power of God, I was just a religious woman. Because of lack of wisdom I presented my daughter to the evil spirits. My beloved daughter Luciana, was born in 1982 , my husband and I met the Living God in 1984.
I learned about Jesus and began to change my criteria and began to understand what was right and wrong. I started living a Christian-based life. Time passed, my family was always serving the Lord Jesus, here, there ... between one state and another.

What I didn't realize was that my daughter, Lu was distant, she was slowing moving away from the faith that was taught to her and was living in her own world. I couldn't understand why she no longer wanted to be part of our world. She was following the rhythm of this world, clubbing, going out with friends. Even though she was doing that, she was still a calm child. But slowly she began to change, she started to answer back, act rebellious, restless, and wanted to do wrong things against our will. When she was with us she was distant. Her body was present, but her thoughts, and mind, were far away.

She became a sad teenager, she almost fell into depression, because she just wanted to do things her way. I didn't realize she had a great void inside. She was struggling with herself , but that was hurting me even more. The only thing that was important to her were her "friends " from school , the gym, the internet ... I know that every teenager has their moments where they have their own little world and don't want to let their parents in to help them. We had many horrible days and nights, only God to sustain us. Everything bothered her, she began to get upset every time we were transferred , and when she had to change schools . One year she had to change schools three times. She had a dream she wanted to realize, but it was very clear through her actions that she wanted to do it far from us. I realized that I was losing her, it was very painful for me, oh the pain was great! I began to fight , to pray, to use my faith, make chains of prayer, go to the front of the altar when Pastor or Bishop called. I didn't care what anyone thought of me because I was a Pastor's wife. I was determined to overcome this evil that was destroying my daughter.

I began to wisely win her over, we talked a lot. Once I was praying in her room, lying on the floor, with her picture in my hand, crying when she entered the room and told me to get up. I prayed because she didn't want to do the work of God, she did not want to have the life we had. She didn't want to have a commitment with God and I wasn't happy with that. There were moments of great struggle, of pain, but it was worth it! I never gave up on my daughter. We must never cease to pray , to cry , to exercise our faith with intelligence.

I made a vow with God for her sentimental life. I told God that I would be faithful until He to blessed her by putting in her life a man of God, so they can grow together. I don't remember how long it took, but I persevered and it happened! Everything changed, she converted to God! God worked completely in every way and now she does the work of God on the altar alongside a great man of God . I just have to thank God for all that He has done and will do.

So, just like I was able to by faith place my daughter on the altar of God , today I am very happy to be part of this Project Mothers in Prayer here in Florianopolis, Brazil. I'm happy to help mothers use the same faith that turned my tears into smiles, into jubilation and joy.

Mothers don't give up on your children. fight using your faith wisely!

Thank you Lord Jesus!

Come join us in this purpose.

Rosane Oliveira

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