Sunday, September 01, 2013


Dear mothers and blog readers, I would like to share with you something wonderful that happened in our evangelization in the women's prison in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Bishop Sergio accompanied us, he is the one responsible for the Prison work in Bahia.
It was a wonderful morning where we talked to the inmates and presented them with a Bible. We also took the Prayer Book where we put the names of their children. We explained to each one the importance of a mother’s prayer for their children, no matter what the circumstances were. Then we invited them to join us on the patio so we can pray for each one and made a special prayer for their children. 

After the prayer some of them came up to talk to us about the anguish they felt because they hadn’t seen or heard from their children. 

We proposed that they become "mothers in prayer " and reserve a moment each day to pray for their children. Many accepted and made ​​this commitment. 

But something very STRONG happened...

One of the volunteers found out that one of the inmates there was an old friend from the streets that once offered her drugs and together walk down the wrong path. This volunteer, today, is a transformed woman Liliane is a pastor's wife and is part of Godllywood. Her friend from the past couldn’t believe the transformation she saw in her life. They embraced and with tears in her eyes the inmate said to her “you're clean! How did you do it? Helps me stay clean too! 

To complete the day, six inmates decided to change the course of their lives. They surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus and were baptized in the waters.

That morning was such a big blessing! 

Claudinéia Silva - Mothers Prayer Project - Bahia

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