Sunday, December 01, 2013


As a mother we plan our children’s lives ever since they’re in the womb. We want them to be successful, happy and we want to be proud of their growth and prosperity. This is something every mother can relate to.

When we set good examples that our children can imitate we are contributing to make that happen.

When they are born, they are like little blank pages in a storybook, they need to learn everything, and they are completely dependent of their mother’s merciful care. They eat what she gives them, they are clean and smell good if she changes their diapers and bathes them, and they will be warm if she dresses them in warm clothes. But not only that! They imitate and copy the actions they see, learn the words they hear, record every action, and absorb everything around them. They are hungry to learn and receive information, everything is new to them, and everything is unknown.

This is the reason why we see so many young children that misbehave, curse, hit their classmates, yell, fight, don’t want to share, and the list goes on. But, it’s not their fault. They are only imitating what they see at home in their every day life and surroundings. When mothers yell, hit, insult, curse, are always angry, have no time to give affection, play, teach, or give love they are filling those blank pages with all this bad information. The child doesn’t know it’s wrong because that’s all they know how to do, those are the examples they have at home.

You can’t expect your child to be polite, behave and have great manners if that’s not the example you’re giving at home. It’s no use to want to force your child to behave in a neighbor's or relative’s house, to tell them not to swear or shout in school, etc. If what they see at home in their daily is just the opposite, the bad example are recorded inside of them and they can’t change their behavior only when they are around other people.

Mother, your example speaks louder than a thousand words. Your child won’t care much about what you tell them to do or not to, they will just mimic what you do. If you acknowledge that you’ve been a bad example to your children, do not despair, this is your opportunity to pray and surrender to God so that He may mold you and make of you a perfect example for your children to follow. It’s never too late God will help you.

Collaborated by: Sandra Lages - Brazil

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