Monday, November 04, 2013


My name is Aleena Devi and I am a member of UCKG. I would like to share my experience with you as how God helped me solve my problems. I have two sons, Kris and Shaylon. My oldest son Kris, was a very humble and a well respected person. Since birth, I never had any problems with him.

After 12 year, I had my second child Shaylon. I was very happy because I thought he would be like my first born, but I was totally wrong. God never makes two person the same, every person is different.

As my second child started growing up, I began to have a lot of problems with him. He always wanted his way, no matter if it was right or wrong. He used to scream and shout if he didn’t get his ways. I never had an experience like this before, so most of the time I would lose my temper and scream at him as well. Day by day his ways and his attitude were getting worse. I started talking to my friends and family’s about him, trying to seek a solution. My husband started taking care of him more. He use to take him out of the house for a few hours at times just to give me a break. I didn’t know how to handle this situation anymore. He was four years old and things didn’t improve at all.

Then, I decided to seek the UCKG for help. Through their guidance, I began asking God to help me overcome this problem. I asked the Holy Spirit to change me and to change the behavior of my four year old son. I prayed for him every morning and evening and even during the day, whenever I had some free time. I was always praying for his transformation in my mind. Slowing, I began to see the changes in both of us. He started listening and obeying me. God really did His work.

Today, I can’t believe that my son has changed so much. His behavior has totally changed. He knows how to talk to people now, how to respect them. No more screaming in my house. I still continue praying for him. I still pray and I will continue doing so because I know my God, Jesus Christ, can do even more. I give thanks to my Lord, my Almighty God.

I can say that I'm a mother in prayer!

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